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Tajikistan is picturesque country in Central Asia, its territory including the highest mountain systems in Central Asia, the Pamirs and Tien Shan, numerous mountain lakes, mountain villages detached from the civilisation, a dam which is the highest in the world, carpets of millions of irises, poppies and edelweiss flowers, crystal waterfalls and a number of historical and architectural monuments.


General information about Tajikistan

Tajikistan Capital: Dushanbe
Population: 9 537 645 (2020 estimate)

Area: 143 100 sq km
Languages: Tajik, Uzbek, Russian
Religion: Islam 96% (Sunni 90.4%, Ismaili Shi'a 5.6%), Russian Orthodox (2.6%)
Electricity: 220V AC, 50 Hz; Round two-pin continental plugs are standard
Time zone: GMT+5 

Internet domain:  .tj 
International dialing code: +992
Monetary unit: Tajikistan Somoni

220100,Urgench, 42/25 P.Makhmud str, Uzbekistan