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Turkmen carpets and Akhal-Teke horses, Sunday bazaars and innumerable historical monuments, such as ruins of the ancient fortresses of the Achaemenid dynasty and archaeological sites of the Parthian period, the ancient cities of Merv (Turkmen Merw, Persian Marw), Koneurgench and Nisa, medieval castles, forts, caravanserais, mosques, mausoleums and tombs - all this attracts numerous tourists to hot Turkmenistan.

Granted, Turkmenistan visas can be a challenge to procure and the conditions in country may present certain challenges, but tourists who choose to visit Turkmenistan almost exclusively speak of it as a thrilling, unforgettable experience that they would gladly choose again.


General information about Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan Capital: Ashgabat
Population:  6 031 187  (2020 estimate)

Area: 491 210 sq km
Languages: Turkmen, Russian
Religion: Islam (89%), Eastern Orthodox (9%), other (2%)
Electricity: 220V AC, 50 Hz; Round two-pin continental plugs are standard
Time zone: GMT+5
Internet domain:  .tm 

International dialing code: +993
Monetary unit: Turkmenistan manat

220100,Urgench, 42/25 P.Makhmud str, Uzbekistan