Hotel Diyora

Hotel Diyora

Address: 106, Imam Al Bukhariy str., Samarkand, Uzbekistan.

The Diyora is a new hotel built in Samarkand historical center, a few-minute-walk from such city’s remarkable monuments as Registan Square and Gur-Emir Mausoleum.


Emir Han Hotel

Emir Han Hotel

Address: 46 A, Dagbit str., Samarkand, Uzbekistan.

The Emir Han is a new 3-star hotel located 1.8 km from the historical center of Samarkand – Registan Square, and 4.2 km from the airport.


Samarkand Plaza

Samarkand Plaza Hotel 

Address: 24 Dagbitskaya-Rudaki Street, Samarkand, Uzbekistan
Distance to: City center – 3 km, Airport – 4 km, Train station – 5 km.

The convenient location and modern style of Samarkand Plaza Hotel attracts tourists from all over the world. The highest level of service, hospitality and refined conditions will make stay of the guests in the ancient city of Samarkand pleasant and unforgettable. The hotel offers 18 spacious and cozy rooms with all facilities. Each room is equipped by satellite TV, phone with internal and international line, mini-bar, air-conditioner and the bathroom.


Registan Plaza

Registan Plaza (ex President Palace) Hotel  

Address: 53, Shokruh Street, Samarkand, Uzbekistan
Distance to: City center – 0,6 km, Airport – 6 km, Train station – 5 km.
Reference point: Bolzar, monument of Amir Timur

Newly built the Hotel Registan Plaza (ex President Palace) is conveniently located in the city center with immediate proximity to both business part of city and historical sights of the Old Town .


Regal Palace

Regal Palace Hotel 

Address: 60A, Sviderevskiy Str., Samarkand, Uzbekistan
Distance to: City center – 5 km, Airport – 0,5 km, Train station – 6 km.
Reference point: The hotel is located 10 min away from Registan Square, which is Samarkand city center.

The hotel was reconstructed in 2008 and started its functioning in the new season of 2009. The hotel is located 10 minutes drive from Registan Square, which is Samarkand city center. The hotel was built in luxury style and really deserves its 4* ranking.


Grand Samarkand Superior

 Grand Samarkand Superior Hotel, Samarkand 

Address: 31, B. Yalangtush st., Samarkand, Uzbekistan 
Distance to: City center – 3 km, Airport – 5 km, Train station – 4 km.

4-star Grand Samarkand Superior Hotel is located in a shopping and business center of Samarkand city. This new and beautifully decorated hotel was opened in 2012 and offers 38 rooms of five accommodation types from standard single to deluxe.


Panorama Grand

Panorama Grand Hotel 

Address: 47 Gagarin Street, Samarkand, Uzbekistan
Distance to: City center – 6 km, Airport – 6 km, Train station – 3 km.

First of all, Panorama Grand Hotel is interesting for its location. The Hotel is situated in the ecologically pure area - Bogi Shamol (the Garden of winds) which has been built at Amir Timur’s times. The Panorama Grand Hotel ideally does for those who travels with family, as rooms of the hotel are large and can accomodate family from 2 up to 4 people.


Malika Prime

Malika Prime Hotel 

 Address: 1/4, Universitetskiy Boulevard, Samarkand, Uzbekistan
Distance to: City center – 0,5 km, Airport – 5 km, Train station – 7 km.

 The hotel Malika Prime is one of two hotels in the Malika hotels chain, which are located in Samarkand. It is considered the most advantageous hotel for tourists due to the location. It is located in the close proximity to the main sights in Samarkand – Gur Emir Mausoleum and Registan Square.



Sherdor Hotel 

Address: 91, M.Koshgari street, Samarkand, Uzbekistan
Distance to: City center – 4 km, Airport – 5 km, Train station – 6 km.

The hotel Sherdor in Samarkand resembles the medieval fortress: the inner yard of the hotel is decorated with miniature towers with domes. The presence of wooden elements, carved, forged, copper and clay articles of houseware supplement the atmosphere with the spirit of past epoch. In spite of the authenticity of the hotel design, Sherdor offers comfortable stay in 20 double rooms and 1 premium-suite.


Royal Palace Hotel

Hotel Royal Palace 

Address: 33, Amir Temur Str., Samarkand 

Royal Palace Hotel is the sample of the national Uzbek architecture. The huge exotic iron gates open the way to the inner brick yard with green lawn, colorful tapestry of the Registan Square on the left wall and marble staircase leading to the reception hall decorated in oriental style.

Another striking feature of Royal Palace Hotel is its asymmetrical configuration which brings the exclusive design to a chain of suites location and its decoration. The hall attracts your attention with charming luxury carved wooden doors leading to the fashionable restaurant offering you the national Uzbek and European cuisine.


Orient Star


Orient Star Hotel 

Address: 33, Dagbitskaya Street, Samarkand, Uzbekistan

The Hotel Orient Star is ideally placed in the heart of the city, not far from the historical center of Samarkand. Comfortable 35 Rooms including 4 suites are equipped with air conditioning, mini-bar, satellite TV and telephone with direct international dialing. Under the beautifully decorated dome of the restaurant you may enjoy the real hospitality and warmth of the East and tempted to enjoy a wide choice of delicious European and Uzbek national meals. A beautiful heated swimming pool is at guests disposal.



Hotel Ideal

Address: 10, Otakhodjayev str., Samarkand, Uzbekistan

Location of the hotel is not chosen by chance. The most famous historical sites of Samarkand are nearby. The well known Boulevard is situated just in 5 minutes walk from the Ideal Hotel, the tomb of Gur-Emir is a little further, and the magnificent Registan Square, referred as the heart of the old Samarkand, is settled in 15 minutes promenade from the hotel. The Bibi Khanum Mosque and Shahi-Zinda necropolis can be reached by car within 15 minutes.


Malika Classic

Malika Classic Hotel  

Address: 37, Khamraev Street, Samarkand, Uzbekistan
Distance to: City center – 3 km, Airport – 7 km, Train station – 6 km.

The Malika Classic hotel is one of two hotels in the Malika hotels chain, which are located in Samarkand. Notwithstanding the hotel is not located close to the main sights in Samarkand, it is considered the wonderful one. The interior of the Malika Classic hotel is made in plain and harmonious style without excessive decoration. Artificial carved arches, columns, ceilings create the inimitable style of Malika Classic hotel.


Jahon Palace

 Jahon Palace Hotel 

Address: 107, Gagarin st., Samarkand, Uzbekistan

Located a few-minute-drive from the railway station, the Jakhon Palace is a completely new 3-star Samarkand hotel. You can feel a hotel European style right in its hall – a combination of yellow and creamy nuances, elegant furniture and old photos of the city create at once a comfort feeling. While the attentiveness and complaisance of the personnel will enhance the feeling of coziness and hospitality of the Jakhon Palace.


City Hotel

City Hotel 

Address: 19 A University Boulevard str., Samarkand, Uzbekistan

The hotel CITY is distinguished for the refinement of interior. The hall is very spacious and furnished with cozy sofas and arm-chairs, where you can have a rest to pleasant music. Notwithstanding the fact that the hotel opened its doors as far back as in 2007 it has still maintained the freshness of interior. Room furniture and facilities meet every cleanness standards, giving the impression of new-built hotel.


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