Andijan is the motherland of famous poet, author of epos "Baburname", and military leader; statesman conquered India and established the empire of the Great Mongols - Zahiriddin Babur.



The ancestor of Babur Shah-Djahan constructed in India one of the most beautiful palaces in the world Taj-Mahal.
Andijan is one of the ancient cities. 30 km farther from the modern city there is the town Ershi. It was the capital of ancient state Davan, which was famous with its fast horses. These horses were taken to Chinese Emperors as a precious gift. In the IX-X centuries Andijan was a part of Samanid's Empire. In 1902 the city was completely destroyed by the earthquake and reconstructed again. The remaining archeological building in Andijan is madrasah Djami. The most attractive place for tourists is squire (in the open air) "Hunarmandchilik", where you can see working craftsmen on engraving, embroidering and painting. Here you can buy their hand-made stuff. Andijan is famous for its holy places. The boulder "Teshik-Tash" in its grounds looks like the widely set legs of giant. Among the other holy places you can visit Imam-ota, Tuzlik Masar, Ok Gur, and spring Shirmanbulak.
The city prospered during Temur's dynasty. Over the centuries Andijan served as the eastern gates to the Fergana valley. Now Andijan is one of the biggest industrial centers of Uzbekistan. There is a car-factory Chevrolet here. The car models Matiz, Nexia R3, Gentra, Malibu and Captiva are popular among CIS motorists.