The Uzbek Heritage on the Great Silk Road 17d / 16n

This tour is for you to explore all Uzbek cities that once used to be the part of Great Silk Road. 
Cities: Tashkent – Termez – Samarkand – Shakhrisabz – Bukhara – Khiva – Urgench - Nukus – Muynak – Ferghana – Tashkent




Travel itinerary:Tashkent – Termez – Samarkand – Shakhrisabz – Bukhara – Khiva – Urgench - Nukus – Muynak – Ferghana – Tashkent
Duration: 17 days, 16 nights
Kind of route: Train and motor coach tour
Best time to travel: april, may, june; august, september, october
Accommodation: single or double accommodations in hotels
Description: This tour is for you to explore Uzbek cities that once used to be the part of Great Silk Road. Traveling in major tourist cities of Uzbekistan. Tour package consists of historical components, ceramic art, nature, best 17 days tour package for visiting the memorial complexes of Khiva - open air museum, holy Bukhara, Nurata, Aydarlake,Termez, Nukus, legendary Samarkand and Tashkent.

01 Tashkent 
Arrival in Tashkent. Transfer to the hotel 
Dinner. Overnight in Tashkent
02 Tashkent – Termez 
Breakfast. 7:30 -Transfer to the Airport. 9:25 -Morning flight to Termez. 11:25 -Arrival in Termez, transfer to the hotel. Start sightseeing tour along Termez. the city of Termez, located on the left of Amu-Darya bank and the ancient Buddhist center. Visit the Archeology Museum, the Mausoleum of Al-Hakim at-Termezi, archeological sites of Fayaztepa, Karatepa, Sultan Saodat Ensemble. Dinner. 
Overnight at the hotel.
03 Termez – Samarkand (B/L/D) (380km – 4-5 hours) 
Continue sightseeing Termez. Afternoon drive to Samarkand. Arrival to Samarkand. Check in to the hotel, dinner, free time. 
Overnight in Samarkand
04 Samarkand 
Breakfast. City tour: Gur-Emir Mausoleum – the tomb of Tamerlane and other Timurids, Rukhabad Mausoleum ("The Spirit Abode") – according to one legend, inside this dome there is a box with seven hairs of Prophet Mukhammed (XIV c.), The Registan Square ("Sandy Place") – the most visiting place of Samarkand, which consists of three magnificent monuments: Ulugbek Madrasa (XV c.), Sherdor Madrasa (XVII c.), Tilla-Kari Madrasa. The Khazrat Kh izir Mosque – named after legendary Islamic Saint and eternal traveler (XIX c.), Bibikhanim Mosque, named after the elder wife of Tamerlane (XIV c.). 
Night in the hotel.
05 Samarkand 
Breakfast at the hotel. Continuation of excursion over Samarkand.), Visiting Ulughbek's Observatory (XV.), Afrosiab Museum. The architectural complex Shakhi-Zinda ("A living King") – The name of the complex is connected with the name of Kusam Ibn Abbas – the cousin of Prophet Mukhammed (XI-XV cc.). Lunch. Free time. Shopping at Siab Bazaar. Dinner. 
Night in the hotel.
06 Samarkand – Bukhara 
Breakfast. Morning drive to Bukhara through Shahrisabz. City tour around Shakhrisabz: the ruins of Ak-Saray palace (“the White Palace”) – Tamerlane’s summer residence (XIV-XV cc.), The mausoleum of Mukhammad Jakhangir- the mausoleum of the elder and beloved son of Tamerlane (XIV c.), The Dor-us-Saodat complex: “The Khathrat Imam mosque” – a multi-step mosque with a cupola shaped hall and decorated iwans (XIV c.), Gumbazi-Saidon – the mausoleum of Saids (relatives of Prophet Mukhammad, “The Kuk-Gumbaz mosque” ("Blue cupola") – was built by Ulugbek on behalf of his father Shakhrukh (XV c.). Arrival to Bukhara and check-in at the hotel. Free time. 
Dinner. Night in the hotel.
07 Bukhara 
Chashmai Ayub mausoleum”. “The Bolo Khavuz Mosque” (beginning of the XXth c.), The Ark Citadel – the center of government system of Bukhara (IV c. BC), the silk carpet shops, “The Poi Kalon Complex” ("The foot of the Great"), The Kalon Minaret – the main symbol of holy Bukhara (XII c.). “The Kalon Mosque”, The Mir Arab Madrasa – the functioning madrasa, one of the mostly esteemed spiritual Islamic universities (XVI c.), “Toki Zargaron” – The cupola of jewelers. (XV-XVI cc.), The Ulugbek Madrasa – the first of the three madrasa, built by Tamerlane’s grandson Ulugbek (XV c.), The Abdulazizkhan Madrasa, The Abdullakhan Madrasa (1588-1590.), Imam Al-Bukhariy Madrasah. 
Night in Bukhara.
08 Bukhara 
The Magoki Attori Mosque – the most ancient quarter mosque of Bukhara (XII c.), the masterpiece of Bukhara architecture , The Nodir Divan-begi Khanaka and Madrasa, which was used as an accommodation and mediation by Sufis (XVII c.), The Kukaldosh Madrasa (XVI c.) – one of the ancient madrasas of Bukhara, The Labi Khauz ensemble - The biggest artificial water reservoir “Chor Minor”( Four minarets) – a unique madrasa, built by Khalif Niyazqul (XVIII c.). 
Night in Bukhara.
09 Bukhara – Khiva 
Breakfast. Transfer to Khiva through Kyzul-Kum (480 km, 6-8 hrs). Arrive at Khiva – The only “Museum under open sky” in Central Asia. Check-in at the hotel. 
Overnight in Bukhara.
10 Khiva 
Breakfast. City tour around the architectural complex “Ichan Kala” (XII-XIX cc.): Kunya Ark, The khan’s fortress – the internal citadel of the Ichan Kala (XVI-XVII cc.), The Kalta Minor Tower "Short Minaret"), was meant to be the biggest and tallest minaret in Central Asia (XIX c.), The Mukhammad Amin Khan madrasa – the biggest middle age madrasa in Khiva (1845-1855 cc.), The Juma Mosque with 212 wood columns a 32,5 meter tall minaret (X c.), The Tash Khavli ("The Stony Courtyard") (XIX c.), The Ak Mosque ("The white Mosque") – a small quarter mosque at the gates of Palvan-darvaza (1838-1842 cc.), The Pakhlavan Makhmud Memorial – the main cult center of Ichan Kala (1810-1913 cc.), The Islom Khodja Residence (1910) –The residence of the main vizier of the last Khiva khan . Free time. 
Overnight in Khiva.
11 Urgench 
Breakfast. Transfer to Urgench (30 km). Hotel accommodation. Excursion over Urgench city. Urgench is a city where the atmosphere of joy and comfort is carefully created. Here you would find lots of green parks and vast squares like the Avesta Square, the Manguberdi Square and the square around the Clock Tower. Several ancient fuins, fortresses and mausoleums are also scattered around the city. Urgench is also known as the birth place of the famous medieval mathematician and the inventor of contemporary algebra al-Kwarizmi. His large statue is also an important sight to be seen during a vacation in Urgench. Dinner. 
Night in Urgench.
12 Urgench – Nukus (140 km) 
Breakfast. Morning drive to Nukus. Arrival to Nukus and drive to former fishermen’s village Muynak, which used to be situated on the shores of Aral Sea. Small stop at archeological complex Mizdakhan. Continue driving to Muynak. Arrival to the village, visit local museum, look through abandoned ships on the sands. Return back to Nukus. 
Overnight at the hotel.
13 Nukus – Tashkent 
Breakfast. Morning flight to Tashkent. Arrival to Tashkent. Check-in at the hotel. City tour around Tashkent: visit The Khast Imam complex (16c), the library of Koran and other old manuscripts, Kukeldash Madrasa (16c), The local market “Chorsu”, The Museum of Applied Arts. Dinner in a traditional Uzbek restaurant. Free time for leisure. 
Night in Tashkent.
14 Tashkent - Kokand - Rishtan – Fergana 
Breakfast. Drive to Fergana Valley (4 hours) through Kokand. Visit the Khudoyar-Khan Palace, Jami mosque, Kamol-Kazy madrasah, Damai-Shakhon and Madari-khan necropolis. After lunch drive to Rishtan and visit pottery workshops in Rishtan. Continue the way to Fergana. Check in to the hotel, free time. 
Overnight at the hotel.
15 Fergana - Margilan - Andijan 
Continue sightseeing Fergana Valley, visit Fergana and Silk Making Factory in Margilan. Drive to Andijan thu Quva to see ruins of an old city Quva. Arrival Andijan, visit Bobur museum, Juma mosque central bazaar and Bobur park. Free time in Andijan, overnight in hotel.
16 Andijan – Tashkent. (352 km) 
Breakfast. Morning drive to Tashkent. Arrival to Tashkent. Free time for leisure. Overnight at the hotel.
17 Tashkent - Homeland 
Breakfast. Free time. Transfer to the Airport. Departure home with new experiences and memories about Uzbekistan.

Hotel options: To make your stay pleasantly in Uzbekistan, we offer you 2 different Deluxe (4* or 5*) or Budget (2* or 3*) hotel options. Also for your convenience, according to your desire and budget you can choose any accommodation in Uzbekistan hotel list, and let us know by filling special cells - hotel name and room type in tour request form.

Hotels in CitiesDeluxe OptionBudget Option
Tashkent “Miran International” 5*
or City Palace 4*
“Grand Raddus JSS” 3* 
or “Grand Orzu” 3*
Termez hotel Asson Termez 3* hotel Asson Termez 3*
Samarkand hotel Konstantin 4* or hotel Regal Palace4* Hotel “Royal Palace” 3*
Bukhara “Zargaron Plaza” 4*
or “Asia Bukhara” 3*
hotel Rangrez 3*
or “Omar Khayam” 3*
Khiva Khorezm Palace 4* or Asia Khiva 3* Hotel “Kala” 2* or similar
Ferghana Asia Ferghana 3* Hotel Dangara 3*
Andijan Hotel “Plaza Palace” 3* Hotel “Plaza Palace” 3*

Standard tour price includes:

  • Accommodation;
  • Breakfasts, Lunches and dinners;
  • Transportation with A/C throughout the whole trip;
  • Sightseeing tour program in all cities, including entrance fees to sights, museums, mausoleums, except camera/video fees;
  • Air-tickets for domestic flights;
  • Visa support;
  • Escort guide;

Tour price does not include:

  • Hotel charges for additional services;
  • Consular fees paid upon collection of the entrance Visa;
  • International flight tickets;
  • Tips for porters, guides and a driver;
  • Personal insurance and any items not mentioned above.





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The Uzbek Heritage on the Great Silk Road 17d / 16n

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